What Trip ?

In 2022.

We are going to cycle around Europe visiting 20 capitals of European countries along the way. To make it more interesting we will challenge ourselves to complete this in 80 days.

We are a 2-man team. Ludvik is the rider (his legs will push the bicycle for those 10 000 odd kilometres). Martin will provide material support and logistics.


Lisbon, Portugal

700 km

Madrid, Spain

1,500 km

Paris, France

400 km

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

300 km

Brussels, Belgium

300 km

Amsterdam, Holland

700 km

Berlin, Germany

500 km

Copenhagen, Denmark

700 km

Stockholm, Sweden

200 km (incl. a ferry from Stockholm, Sweden, to Turku, Finland)

Helsinki, Finland

0 km (ferry)

Tallin, Estonia

450 km

Riga, Latvia

350 km

Vilnius, Lithuania

600 km

Warsaw, Poland

700 km

Prague, Czech Republic

400 km

Vienna, Austria

100 km

Bratislava, Slovakia

300 km

Budapest, Hungary

600 km

Ljubljana, Slovenia

1,200 km

Rome, Italy

Total: 10,000 km (visiting 20 capitals of European countries)

This is an evolving itinerary. We are in the planning stage right now.

Suggestions welcomed.